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About Us

Almost Nuts Band was formed in 1979 when lead singer and drummer, Bob Ford, then with the famous "Lee Williams and the Mob", decided to leave the group he was with and form a show based around his outgoing personality, well-known humor, and antics. He convinced fellow band member, Bruce Bickley to leave the group also and play piano and sing. *Ed. Note (actually they both got fired).

 Over the years there have been several other musicians join them on stage but the core of the band... (Bob)... has remained the same for 25 years! The band is known for its wide variety of music and several skits and parodies, many of which are created at the spur of the moment, while others are well rehearsed. The talent of the players is such that much of the show is ad-lib and changes with every performance. Bob is also quick to involve the audience in every facet of the show.

The band stays on tour most of the year performing literally world-wide venues. From Japan to Portugal, New York, to L.A., to Enid, Oklahoma! There have been times when the distances between performances seemed impossible to travel. Bob "Rand-Mcnally" Ford is the band tour manager also! Yet the group always manages to get there on time somehow.

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